Can I Drink Coffee With Thyroid Issues?

There are a lot of coffee drinkers in this community. Many want to know if it is ok to still drink it with thyroid issues. The answer is not a one size fits all. But for some, eliminating coffee will help.

Space It Out With Thyroid Medication

If you are taking thyroid medication, unfortunately, it may interfere with the absorption. So it is very important that you are spacing out taking your medication and drinking any coffee. Make sure you wait at least 60 minutes after your thyroid medication to drink it.

Can I Have Coffee?

People that have a thyroid condition ask if it needs to be eliminated. When it comes to coffee or any food (other than gluten and soy) it depends on that person.

Avoiding it for some can really help their healing journey, especially if they have an adrenal issue. There are many people that can add coffee back to their morning routine after healing. Always remember, too much of anything can cause damage. So you don’t want to go overboard with drinking it when you heal your body. Everything should be done in moderation to keep the body balanced.

If are going to drink coffee, do not drink it on an empty stomach.

You want to remove it from your diet if you suffer from:

  • anxiety
  • insomnia
  • migraines
  • dizziness
  • sugar sensitivity
  • blood sugar issues
  • hyperthyroidism

If you suffer from hyperthyroidism you want to avoid it as it can stimulate your thyroid even more. That is the last thing you want to do when your body already feels like it’s in overdrive.

Gluten And Coffee

Gluten can make matters worse when you have a thyroid condition. That being said, instant coffee can have trace amounts of gluten. It is something you want to avoid. If you want to keep coffee in your diet,  I would suggest the unprocessed organic.


Coffee is not the worst thing for you, but it can trigger some issues if your thyroid is not functioning properly. Depending on the person it can make or break your healing journey.